Sunday, February 26, 2006

Tallahassee fish and fruit market...

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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Pack 4 Mexico....a message on my refrigerator. I was in Cancun the next day!!!

This was not too hard to look at day after day! Posted by Hello

A great shot from our patio! Posted by Hello

This guy just got up in the middle of a bumpy fast bus ride back from town and started to sing his heart out and play his guitar.  Posted by Hello

Shopping at the local flea market...Market 28. Posted by Hello

Market 28. Posted by Hello

An interesting picture from the bus on a trip to town. Notice the pollo's. Posted by Hello

The monuments in the center of town. Posted by Hello

Ahhhh the sea shells. Posted by Hello

Look where all the VW bugs went!!! Posted by Hello

Myrtle the turtle in the lagoon. Posted by Hello

The really pretty fountain. Posted by Hello

The BBQ grill and pretty palms on the beach. Posted by Hello

Looking over the lagoon to the ocean. Posted by Hello

A good shot of the lagoon in relation to the pool. Posted by Hello

Another dusk over the lagoon taken from our patio. Posted by Hello

Dusk over the lagoon. Posted by Hello

Dusk over the lagoon. Posted by Hello

4 o'clock CocoLoco's at the beach bar. Five liquors and the coconut milk. Posted by Hello

Teiki huts on the beach. Posted by Hello

Isn't this lighthouse great? Posted by Hello

The ball fountain in the lagoon. Posted by Hello

Where the pool and lagoon meet. Posted by Hello

We stayed in the pyramid...3 over and 3 up. Posted by Hello